Laurel County Courthouse - London, Ky.

Let me start by saying that the Kentucky Almanac led me astray on the Rockcastle County factoid. There appear to be a number of counties that are not named after people, i.e. Ohio and today's entry, Laurel County.
Downtown London is really nice. Its very clean, and contains a nice mix of older and new buildings. London's appreciation for aesthetics is really evident in the courthouse pictured above. It is the third courthouse to sit on this site, after a second was destroyed by fire. This Georgian-style courthouse was built in 1961, yet looks much, much older.

London is also home to a Federal building and courthouse, pictured above. The old Federal building is to the left, and a new Federal Courthouse fits in perfectly with the surroundings. Then, across the street sits. . .

This insanely huge judicial center. I don't know if the massiveness of the building is really conveyed by this picture, but I can't imagine that enough business is conducted in Laurel County to necessitate this thing. Maybe I'm wrong.
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