NoDestination: Oldest House in Cynthiana

Oldest House in Cynthiana, Ky.
This isn't just the oldest house in Cynthiana; it has served as so much more. So, Nate was right; I did really like the old log courthouse at Cynthiana's courthouse square. The historic marker 1539 reads:
Oldest house in Cynthiana, built 1790. Young Henry Clay practiced law here, 1806. In 1817, city's first newspaper, the Guardian of Liberty was printed by Adam Keenan, assisted by H. H. Kavanaugh, later a noted Bishop, and Dudley Mann, who became a diplomat to France. Guthrie's Arithmetic, first to be published west of Alleghenies, was also printed here.
The marker, however, misses so much of the tale. Built by Dr. James McPeters in 1790, the building also served as the county's first courthouse. [*] There, the county's first murder trial was heard. The accused, Adam House, was defended by Henry Clay. Here is some more background from Mrs. L. Boyd's Chronicles of Cynthiana (1894):

And, not surprisingly, the place is haunted.
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