Catching up on Lexington's recent demolitions

Due to scheduling, I haven't been able to maintain and keep up with those structures on Demolition Watch. Below the jump is a list of properties that have been subject to demolition requests since I last updated y'all.

If you are interested in keeping fully up-to-date on these matters, you don't have to wait for a Kaintuckeean post. A free service called Citygram provides the information to your inbox for free. Citygram is available only to a handful of cities around the country, but Lexington is on this exclusive list.

In addition to that solution, you can also request a weekly report from Lexington's Planning Commissioner Derek Paulsen by filling out this form. The availability of this information is a great example of a more transparent government!

Unfortunately, I didn't catch images off of the Fayette County PVA's website in time for all of these parcels. Luckily, Google Maps can help out, too.

4100 Nicholasville Road

ca. 1875. This farmhouse on the northeast corner of Nicholasville Road and Man-o-War Blvd was on the last good-sized farm in south Lexington. It is the future site of a commercial development, The Summit at Fritz Farm
via Fayette PVA

A Commercial Block

Several nondescript buildings in the block bounded by Midland Ave., East Third Street, and Lewis Street are being demolished to make way for an expansion of opportunity by Community Ventures Corporation. These properties include 225 Midland, 261 Midland, 265 Midland and 250 Lewis.
via Google Maps


142 York Street via Fayette PVA as an example of the shotguns demolished.

You may recall a couple of previous Demolition Watch posts that focused on demolitions in the NoLi area of Lexington, including some on York and Eddie Streets (here and here). Well, redevelopment of that area continues. Structures implicated in this round are on York Street and all were built ca. 1900. Parcels include 142, 140, 136, 134, 132, and 130 York Street.

According to NOLI CDC, the program (which implicates funding by Lexington's Affordable Housing Trust Fund) "transforms vacant or condemned properties in the North Limestone neighborhood into affordable live/work units that respect and respond to the neighborhood's historical context." Each of the rebuilt York Street properties will sell for $72,500 and will be deed restricted based on income limits. 
Rendering via NOLI CDC

509 Smith Street

via Google Maps

537 West Fifth Street 

ca. 1909
via Fayette PVA

646 Maxwelton Court

ca. 1924

via Fayette PVA

849 Whitney Avenue

ca. 1910
via Fayette PVA

301 Preston Avenue

ca. 1920. From the picture, we can see why this one was demolished. According to the Lexington Leader, Joseph Lee Robinson lived here when he died at a short illness. A native of Augusa, Ky., Mr. Robinson lived in Lexington for 35 years before he passed away on January 13, 1930. His funeral was held at the Kerr Brothers Funeral Home.
via Fayette PVA