Inside Peoples Bank

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. And it's true. I recently had the opportunity - along with others wanting to support the worthy cause of preserving and relocating the Peoples Bank now located on South Broadway in Lexington - to explore the innards of this mid-century ca. 1961 Charles Bayless-designed commercial structure. So here are a few picture collages from my trip inside the Peoples Bank!

Each exposed piece of vintage wallpaper was reminiscent of Mad Men while you could just image those gathered in the bank lobby on modern furniture around a retro fireplace.

The space is incredible and I hope that its preservation is a success. All signs of late are positive, but your help is still needed. The Warwick Foundation (which is spearheading the fundraising efforts, with the help of some other incredible organizations and individuals, for preservation/relocation) has set up a web portal where you can do just that ... donate toward the final goal!

Concerns about potential demolition emerged when a grassroots organization - People for the Peoples - announced on Facebook that a demolition permit had been obtained and that demolition would begin the following morning. The late-night post prompted me out of bed to get this Kaintuckeean post written hoping that the parties might give the Peoples Bank a chance.

Fortunately, all parties have graciously and cooperatively moved forward with a common aim toward preservation. But that ultimate goal still needs additional public support! Help out here!

That goal that all are working toward won't just preserve this landmark building, but it will also create a Peoples Portal that will serve as a central entry to the Rupp District where themes of respect and inclusion will dictate programming. It will be a place where values can be shared and opinions exchanged in a thoughtful and creative way that would be a tremendous asset for the Lexington community.

And a special thanks to my Twitter-turned-real- friend Mick Jeffries who was on the scene and caught this picture of yours truly inside this magnificent space. I'm just glad I didn't break the camera.