Listen to Last Week's Trivial Thursday Interview!

Host Mick Jeffries, myself, and Mayor Jim Gray talking about Lexington. 
Before the rains hit late last week, I spent part of Thursday morning in the studio's of UK's student-run radio station, WRFL. Mick Jeffries, the godfather of WRFL, invited me on his show Trivial Thursdays to talk about my book, Lost Lexington. My interview starts around the 10:40 mark.

While on the air, I read from a few excerpts about the book and talked with Mick about incubation periods, Belle Brezing, the Kaintuckeean, Wigwam Villages, and more. Later during the show (around 46:30), Lexington Mayor (and Lost Lexington foreworder) Jim Gray talked more Lexington awesomeness.

Turn up the volume, apparently I wasn't speaking closely enough to the microphone ... And tune in to Trivial Thursdays from 7a - 9a every Thursday morning on 88.1 WRFL.