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Constitution Square
Danville, Ky.
I try and make it easy to read the Kaintuckeean. For some, the best way to find a post is reading it right on the web: kaintuckeean.com. For others, it is all about the bass (or facebook) (or twitter).

For several years, I read all of my blogs of interest in Google Reader, but the folks in Mountain View decided to drop that service in 2013. I've tried to find another RSS aggregator, but all compare to Google's defunct product.

But I digress...

All of this is a long way to say that many Kaintuckeean readers enjoy opening up their inbox to receive their updates. Previously, those emails were sent through a clunky feedburner interface and I've upgraded to using MailChimp. Right now, a weekly email update will be sent on Friday mornings.

Please let me know your thoughts on whether you like receiving your updates weekly or if you'd prefer updates as new posts appear.

And if you'd like to subscribe to the Kaintuckeean by email, follow through the jump to sign up. Or you can just click here or on the button in the sidebar.

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