5 Top Posts on Kaintuckeean in 2014

What a year! As 2014 comes to a close, I looked back to check out what were the top posts on the Kaintuckeean for the year! I find it particularly important that four of the five top posts of 2014 related to properties that could and should have been, or could and should be, preserved (or to my book which tells the stories of several properties that belong on the could have/should have list).

Happy New Year!!!
Briefly, the posts are
  1. Ridgeway in Cynthiana
  2. Lost Lexington (the book)
  3. Nicholasville's Log Cabin
  4. Old Fayette Courthouse
  5. Yocum Lodge Murder
More on each of these, plus links to the original posts are after the jump. Read on to see why these were the top posts on the Kaintuckeean in 2014!

The post on Ridgeway was written by Cheri Daniels and was the most popular post on the Kaintuckeean. The rich history of the house and a major call to action helped the post to go viral. But the fight to protect the Tandy House isn't over and the effort will continue in 2015. Read all about the Ridgeway House here.

In November, my book Lost Lexington was published by The History Press of Charleston, South Carolina. I'm so appreciative that the book has been well received by both media and readers alike. A lot of details about the book including author events, media promotion, etc. is available and kept updated on the Lost Lexington page which was #2 on the Kaintuckeean's Top of 2014 list!

On a Thursday evening I learned of a big fire in downtown Nicholasville. By Friday morning, I was surveying the damage to a ca. 1804 log cabin. And on Saturday morning, I witnessed that cabin being demolished. One of the posts on the this demolition - Nicholasville House Burns and is Quickly Demolished -was the third most popular on the site in 2014. I wrote several pieces on the subject, as well as on the ca. 1904 dwelling that was demolished on the same block the same week.

The Old Courthouse by Robert Thrashing. A collection
of his work, "Room with a View" was
displayed at the UK Medical Center Gallery
"Sentimentalists" fought the demolition of the ca. 1898 Fayette Courthouse during the early 1950s. The rich history of the centerpiece of Lexington's downtown - the Richardsonian Romanesque courthouse -  was told in a post written just a short time before the courthouse was shuttered because of environmental concerns. Of course, now brownfield grants and other efforts are being sought to bring this important structure back to public life! The history of the old Fayette Courthouse was the fourth most popular of 2014!

And I'm not entirely sure why #5 is on the list, other than to think that "Murder and Intrigue" made the post an SEO favorite. The post was a throwback Thursday (#TBT) for the Yocum Lodge which was located on Lexington's Nicholasville Road at the northwest corner of the Waller Road intersection.

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Happy New Year!!