A @HeraldLeader Issue Worth Reading

321 Henry Street - Home of BC Wood Properties and subject of a Tom Eblen column in
today's Lexington Herald-Leader. Photo: Peter Brackney
An appointment this morning left me in a waiting room with a copy of the Lexington Herald-Leader at my disposal. It's been awhile since I skimmed the pages of the local daily, and I was surprised with what I found.

Rarely do I remember the pages being filled with so many columns of interesting local fare. Especially for a Monday which is traditionally a bore for newspaper readers.

Local history, preservation, and natural conservation all held prominent places in the black-and-white print. I'm almost persuaded to renew my subscription, though my schedule doesn't regularly permit me to peruse the hard copy.

Still, explore what was in today's Herald-Leader after the jump.

I attended a lecture last Wednesday at the public library in Nicholasville. The topic was the natural resources of Jessamine County and how they can be preserved. It was a great lecture with various participants discussing forestry, the land itself, and the unique species of flora and fauna that inhabit Jessamine County. Greg Kocher had a great writeup on this lecture.

Further north, Lexington's tree canopy covers approximately 25% of the city's core. This is a good number, but it could be improved. Beth Musgrave digs into the numbers on steps being taken by the city to improve urban forestation.

And if you want to improve your own tree canopy, an AP squib identifies how trees seedlings can be purchased from the Kentucky Division of Forestry.

The photo above was taken during a BGT deTour of 321 Henry Street. I've been derilect in getting a writeup posted on this site, but you can read Tom Eblen's column on the incredible restoration of the old coal and feed company into modern office space.

And in the Feedback section, Hayward Wilkirson argues against the Maxwell & Broadway location for a new downtown multiplex in favor of a site within the Rupp Arts & Entertainment District.

Yes, there was a lot in today's Herald-Leader. I wonder what will be there tomorrow?