Magistrates Don't Take Elixir in Jessamine County

The column below originally appeared in the Jessamine JournalIt should not be republished without permission.
A salesman comes to town offering a magical elixir with the promise to cure your many ailments. If you take the elixir, the salesman suggests that your congestion will be alleviated and your joints won’t hurt as much.

Jessamine Co. Couurthouse
And while the price might seem a little high, your improved overall health will lead to better days ahead. At least that’s what the salesman would have you believe.

But the elixir is untested and the salesman can’t really explain yet how it works or precisely how it should be taken. Both precise dosing requirements and application directions seem to be a mystery. Is it a topical or something which should be taken orally?

As for the side effects? We don’t know about those either.

Oh, and as for that seemingly high price? The salesman will let you know the final cost after you’ve ordered.

The question begged, would you take the elixir on the promise of improved vitality?

Or would you wait until more information is known? How about waiting until experts can better explain the side effects? Do you want better dosing and application instructions?

The three governments in Jessamine County have each voted on the magic elixir and the two city commissions, those of Nicholasville and Wilmore, have each voted to go ahead and take the elixir.

The elixir in this analogy is, of course, the proposed 13 mile connector between Nicholasville and Interstate 75. I’ve previously penned my thoughts on the I-75 Connector, but this column isn’t being written to reprise those earlier writings.

Instead, I wanted to pause for a moment and look at the decision making of those in local government and how these elected leaders have examined this issue that will forever affect Jessamine County and her people.
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