This Just Happened, a weekly roundup

The Old Baughman Mill (ca. 2009) - Stanford, Ky.
One of my earliest jaunts was through Stanford where "I was immediately drawn to one of the most dilapidated structures: the old Baughman Mill. Built in 1884 with logs from the steam mill in the county." The old mill is undergoing stabilization and repairs as the first step toward a thorough restoration. [Interior Journal]

In case you missed it, Kentuckians state Sen. Damon Thayer (R) and LaRue Co. Judge Exec. Tommy Turner were on Comedy Central's The Daily Show. [Kaintuckeean]

Historic bridge being replaced over Boone Creek at the Fayette-Clark County line. [Herald-Leader]

Kentuckian Skyler Hornback (Hardin County) won on Jeopardy (kids edition). Actually, he won big winning the kids single day record with a $66,000 payday. A self-described Civil War buff almost guaranteed victory going into Final Jeopardy by his margin, he wagered the risky sum of $30,000 on the category "Abraham Lincoln." He won anyway with the answer "Emancipation Proclamation." But my heart breaks for the kid who was runner-up: he misspelled the correct answer. [KyForward]

Downtown Richmond is getting community support, as shown by the energetic revitalization. [BizLex]

Evaluating the condition of a thunder-struck and diseased 250+ year old red oak at Woodland Park. [Herald-Leader]