Ashland Dedicated as a Historic House Museum in 1950

Vice President Barkley Addresses  Crowd at Ashland - Lexington, Ky.
Photo: History of a House Museum
The large crowd photographed in last week's #TBT made for some interesting guesses, including the Cane Ridge revivals. But in what is becoming a weekly tradition, Michael Chambers was the first to accurately guess the answer to last week's puzzler.

On April 12, 1950, Vice President Alben Barkley addressed the thousands gathered on the lawn of Ashland: the home of Henry Clay for its dedication as a historic house museum open to the public.

Then-mayor Tom Mooney proclaimed the day "Henry Clay Day" in the city where festivities kicked off at Cheapside Park before the parade processional down main street to Ashland.

Barkley declared: "This fine mansion now will rank alongside Mount Vernon, Monticello, the Hermitage, and other public memorials to great men of this nation….generations to come will thank you for preserving this shrine."