This Just Happened, a weekly roundup (endless rain edition)

Photo: Colby Davis / @ResCADcue
Will it stop raining? We seem to have the occasional reprieve. You probably saw eight thousand photos of the double rainbow yesterday evening. Here's the perspective of Colby Davis (Twitter @ResCADcue) at the Bourbon County Courthouse.

Red, white and blue lights illuminated the newly reopened Helix parking garage in downtown Lexington. Looks pretty cool. Parking tickets must have generated a ton of revenue! [Herald-Leader]

Before the Fourth, the Herald-Leader assembled a list of 10 reasons to celebrate the Bluegrass State. [Herald-Leader]

Nicholasville contemplates a H-1 zoning overlay for its downtown core. [Jessamine Journal]

Express yourself and give your two cents on the rehab of Rupp Arena. [KentuckySportsRadio]

A beautification is in progress for Somerset's Fountain Square. [Commonwealth Journal]

A look inside Blue Stallion Brewing which should open very soon. [ACE Weekly]

The centennial of Cathedral Domain in Lee County [Herald-Leader]

Some creeping vines require volunteers to clean up Louisville's Cherokee Park. [Courier-Journal]

A new history book is out on the Battle of Mill Springs. []