This Just Happened, a weekly roundup

The auction yesterday of the Willis Green House yielded a win for preservationists at a consortium of preservationists bought the property [Herald-Leader]

The biweekly print BizLex is going to become a monthly publication with a stronger online presence. Also, a new EiC in Erik Carlson [BizLex]

The Creation Museum adds zip lines to its attraction list, hoping to attract a more diverse crowd. Currently, the Museum focuses on those who believe that dinosaurs and humans coexisted. []

Lexington Mayor Jim Gray announced the field of architects and construction managers from whom selection will be made to reimagine and rebuild Rupp Arena. [KentuckySportsRadio]

Old/New Logo, Source: Herald-Leader
The beer brand controversy betwixt West Sixth and Magic Hat has been resolved, with West Sixth apparently giving up its dingbat. [Herald Leader]

The Camp Nelson Honor Guard has a permanent home. [Merlene Davis | H-L]