Ballard's Market on Jefferson Street #TBT

Ballard's Market - 170 Jefferson St., Lexington, Ky.
(Photo: NRHP)
Growing up downtown, I attended the Harrison Elementary School for two years (second and third grades). In those days, the playground was not nearly as posh and the fence between it and Jefferson Street was not so, er, durable.

Occasionally, the older elementary kids might sneak next door to what was then Ballard's Market. The market was even more popular as parents walked children past its doors after afternoon dismissal.

My memories of this mid-19th century neighborhood grocery were during some of its last years and the photo at right is from 1978.

Did you ever pick up a few items at the Ballard's Market? Remember Joe? Get nostalgic in the comments. After all, it's #ThrowbackThursday!

And, in keeping with the #TBT theme, what now occupies the site?