Kentucky Heritage Council's Ida Lee Willis Memorial Foundation Historic Preservation Awards Announced

The Kentucky Heritage Council, which serves as our state historic preservation office, annually awards a number of awards to recognize "excellence in the preservation of historic buildings and Kentucky's cultural resources through investment, advocacy, volunteerism, building partnerships, public involvement, a lifelong commitment, or significant achievement." This year, 2013, marks the thirty-fifth anniversary of the awards.

Ida Lee Willis (Photo: KHC)
Ida Lee Willis was the first lady of Kentucky (her husband, Gov. Simeon Willis, served from 1943-47) and was "directly responsible for saving the Vest-Lindsey House in Frankfort. She was named the first state historic preservation officer (SHPO) in 1966 after the enactment of the National Preservation Act.

Awards are divided into three categories. Preservation projects as well as individuals and groups are eligible for awards, but one individual is the recipient of the Ida Lee Willis Memorial Award itself.

In 2013, that honor goes to Stephen L. Collins of Shelbyville.

Recipients of the Preservation Project Awards are: Cox Building (Maysville), Rockcastle River Historic Truss Bridge (Laurel, Rockcastle Counties), and Sadieville Rosenwald School.

Recipients of the Service to Preservation Awards are: Nancy Adams of the Pine Mountain Settlement School, Keith Nagle of Discover Downtown Middlesboro, Inc., and the BGT deTours Committee!

Honorees will be honored at a reception on Thursday at the Governor's Mansion.

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