An Update from the Garden

How does your garden grow?

The last time I wrote of my garden I was scouring through seed packets deciding and deciding on plantings. Now the raised beds are constructed after a long winter of caring for seedlings under indoor grow lights.

Through the use of the po' man's greenhouse (PVC piping and plastic sheeting), I was able to get a head start on lettuces, radishes, beets, collards, and carrots - some of which is ready for the tasting this Mother's Day weekend.

Indoor Grow Light Setup at the Beginning
The seedlings under grow lights in the basement are ready to come forth, though a light frost anticipated for early next week may keep them nestled away a few more days.

This weekend should (fingers crossed) allow time for some final planting. So far, I've got plants in four of the five raised beds and many more of the outdoor seeds should be sewn over the weekend.

Hopefully, I won't be so derelict in future garden updates. But more importantly, I shan't ignore the garden. The sugar snap pea trellis was not in place until this morning - climb, oh sweet pea! Climb! 

Until next time.