Welcome, Herald-Leader Readers!

A big thanks to Cheryl Truman for a wonderful write-up on the Kaintuckeean in today's Lexington Herald-Leader. If you can, buy a print edition (not available online) and you'll get to see a photo of me when I was ten in the referenced Civil War-themed room!

A number of locales were mentioned in the article, and I wanted to create an easy place for you to find them! They're at the bottom of this post. Of course, don't stop by reading this handful of links -- be sure to read more! For ease of finding different posts from around the Commonwealth, you can utilize the tag cloud in the right sidebar which is organized by county. You can also subscribe via email and find links to social media

Finally, the Herald-Leader article mentioned my 'contributors'. At this time, there are three: Nate, Jason, and Chris. Jason and Chris have written on their own jaunts and their shared posts are excellent (in fact, it was Chris - not I - whose Saturday adventure included visiting an up-for-auction Mercer County mansion). But Nate has been part of the Kaintuckeean since its inception and has written a significant percentage of our posts; we've gone on several jaunts together and the Kaintuckeean is only what it is thanks to his help!

Posts mentioned in the Herald-Leader article, after the jump: