This Just Happened, a weekly update

The Colonel's Bucket may soon contain only boneless chicken.
Photo from the Patriotic Concert at Transy, 2010.
If true, the Colonel may be rolling over in his grave. KFC is considering not having bone-in chicken in their "restaurants." [HuffPost]

Plans are afoot for a rehabilitative reuse of Waverly Hill Sanitarium in Louisville as a hotel and conference center. I'd like to reserve my room at the bottom of the chute? [Bricks+Mortar]

You may have noticed I love historical markers because they share history. And were an old one offered to me, I'd gladly accept. But not if it were stolen. Stealing history is wrong, but someone is up to no good in Scott County. [News-Graphic]

On Wednesday, I looked out my office window and noticed a new red spire on the horizon. Turns out, a red-colored Churchill Downs-style roof has been added to the RJ Corman facility. [Herald-Leader]

Pulaski County could become third largest city in Kentucky? It could happen if a proposed merger between it and its four municipalities occurs. [Herald-Leader]

In a historic moment, Governor Beshear appointed Judge Michelle Keller to the seven-member Kentucky Supreme Court. For the first time in history, three Kentucky Supreme Court Justices are women. [Governor's Mansion Presser]