This Just Happened, a weekly roundup

West Liberty's Doughboy (WWI memorial statue) is 99% complete after it was knocked off its pedestal during last year's devastating tornado. Once complete, the old statue will be placed in the rotunda of the new courthouse. [Herald-Leader]

On March 9, the Kentucky Military History Museum reopens after a renovation in the old State Arsenal in Frankfort. A tremendous collection of artifacts! [Herald-Leader]

Centrepointe - Prestonsburg, Ky.
Five years ago, then-Lexington Mayor Jim Newberry announced the massive downtown development that would not become CentrePointe. While the Kaintuckeean wasn't blogging then, we've updated folks as what is now CentrePasture has faced evolutionary potential. A hard-handed, though thorough critique is offered by Lowell. [CivilMechanics]

And for more on CentrePointe, the legislature has modified TIF requirements to allow the downsized project to remain eligible. [Herald-Leader]

Whiskey Row may finally see some positive movement now that the stabilization work is complete. Next on the agenda is creating an entertainment destination for the Louisville landmarks. [WDRB].

A group is investigating the possibility of having Old Frankfort Pike designated a National Scenic Byway. If it occurs, it would be Kentucky's seventh. [Herald-Leader]