This Just Happened, a weekly roundup

Letter seeking a babysitter from Mary Todd Lincoln
Source: CNN
Lexington native and First Lady Mary Todd Lincoln needed a babysitter, just like every other parent. Her request for one, via letter, is going up for auction. [CNN]

"Peanut, peanut butter... and jelly" Lexington already produces most of America's peanut butter supply, but the city's JIF plant is getting some upgrades [KY Forward]

Miller House. Source: Richmond Register
Two historic buildings were demolished in downtown Richmond on Friday. The Miller House and the Old Creamery were both in historical zones, but demolition was permitted as the buildings were county-owned.

Good news for food trucks as Lexington is poised to make the regulatory scheme easier for the popular vendors. [Ace Weekly]

"New" isn't done at Centre College - it's an institution of tradition, but current students have started a new tradition of placing heads up pennies at the foot of a recently unveiled statue of A. Lincoln. [KY Forward]

In case you haven't seen it, the proposed Summit Lexington - to be built at Nicholasville Rd. and MOW - has its site design plans online. There goes another farm. Remember the old saying, "growth destroys the Bluegrass forever"? [LFUCG]

Remember to support Lexington's proposal (its a finalist) as part of the Bloomberg Mayors Challenge. Watch the video below and vote here! [ProgressLex]

Looming sequestration will impact everything, including the national parks. For a look at how much impact Congress' ineptitude will affect America, take a look. [USA Today]