This Just Happened

As part of my soft relaunch of The Kaintuckeean, I'm going to reintroduce a previously failed attempt to do news updates about Kentucky, Kentucky history, &c. Consider it your Sunday morning paper.

Mill Springs National Cemetery
Rep. Hal Rogers has reintroduced legislation (H.R. 298) to incorporate the Mill Springs Battlefield into the National Park Service. Reps. Yarmuth and Guthrie have joined as co-sponsors. The second largest Civil War battle in Kentucky, the Battle of Mill Springs was the Union's first significant win in the western theatre. The battlefield lies in Pulaski and Taylor counties. [Rep. Hal Rogers Website]

Lexington's Christ Church Cathedral is steeped in an incredible amount of history. The latest is the golden anniversary of its men and boys choir. A special concert on January 27th will commemorate with the joint voices of current members and alums alike. []

Mmmm... beer.
After much "deliberation," but way ahead of schedule, the West Sixth Brewing Company will begin canning its second beer. Deliberation Amber will be canned as West Sixth Amber and will be tasty. Duh. [West Sixth]

Even though I told you about it first, I didn't have a video to go along with the announcement of the Blue Grass Trust of their Eleven in Their Eleventh Hour. I suppose if a picture is worth a thousand words, WKYT's video is worth even more. [wkyt]

In 1964, the Virginia Iron Coal and Coke Company established a coal town in Perry Coutny, Kentucky, naming it Vicco (named after the company). With 334 residents, the town this week may have become "the smallest American municipality to ban discrimination based on sexual orientation." [ACLU]

The Cabin Creek Bridge in Lewis County is set to undergo a $1.2 million design/build restoration. The bridge was originally constructed in 1873 as a 114 foot, single-span covered bridge; it was closed to traffic thirty years ago. [Maysville Independent-Ledger]

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