Louisvillians: Act Now to Preserve History

Disclaimer: Ordinarily, we avoid politics on this blog. This is an exception. 

The Louisville Metro Council has scheduled a vote for this evening to overturn Mayor Greg Fischer's veto of the council's landmarks ordinance. If you are a Louisville resident, you should take the opportunity to urge your councilmember to vote against overturning the Mayor's veto. Click here for the councilmembers' contact information.

The new ordinance would politicize the process for designating (and removing designation) of historic landmarks in Jefferson County by taking the process from an independent committee and turning the process over to the Council itself. As stated by Mayor Fisher on August 2, 2012:
For nearly 40 years, the process to designate an historic building a local landmark has served Louisville and its citizens well. Our landmarks process preserves buildings that help tell a unique story that belongs only to Louisville.
Here is a letter from Mayor Fischer setting forth the reasons for his veto at length.