The County Fair and Deep Fried Snickers

My Deep Fried Snickers at the County Fair - Nicholasville, Ky.
On Monday evening, I went to the Jessamine County Fair. After setting up the Democratic party's booth and registering a few voters, I strolled around the grounds a bit to see what was going on.

Jessamine County Fair
Haley Goen was crowned Miss Jessamine County. Tonight, Wednesday, we'll find out who wins Jr. Miss and Little Miss Jessamine County. Apart from the glamour, livestock competitions, carnival rides, corn hole, truck and tractor pulls, and a greased pig competition will highlight some of the events taking place at the City County Park in Nicholasville.

But it isn't only in Nicholasville. All summer long, across the state and the country, county fairs will occur with much the same offering. For many communities, these are the biggest social events of the year and are an exciting event. I'd highly recommend you check out your local county fair this year, or even venture to the grandaddy of them all: the state fair. 

A first for me at the county fair was the deep fried Snickers bar. In appearance, it looks like a powdered-sugar covered corn dog, but the filling is a gooey mix of a Snickers bar wrapped inside funnel cake batter. Though the description isn't much, it was quite tasty as all the components from the once frozen Snickers had come together into a hot (but not so hot as to scald my mouth) batter. And I've scheduled an appointment with my cardiologist for next week.