kernel: The Fayette Alliance

The marketing team behind the attempted "Kentucky for Kentucky", Kentucky for Kentucky, has done a few videos lately that have gotten the attention of the community. One was presented at the final presentation for the Rupp Arena, Arts and Entertainment District plan and the other profiles a local organization, The Fayette Alliance.

I have - and you probably have - seen cars driving around town with a Fayette Alliance bumper sticker. But have you ever wondered more about the organization? I knew they were involved in preserving greenspace and farmland, but the video created over at Bullhorn for the folks at The Fayette Alliance really gives a deeper understanding of an organization committed to making Lexington a "world-class city in our world-class Bluegrass." Check out the video below:

The Fayette Alliance was founded in 2006 and is headquartered in Lexington's Historic Western Suburb. Fayette Alliance "has worked with local government to usher over 50 major land-use policies into law that promote farmland preservation and our signature agricultural industries, responsible development, and improved water quality and infrastructure in Fayette County." On these issues, the Fayette Alliance has created a strong and unified voice on important issues affecting and that will continue to impact Lexington and her future.

Their five pillars reach beyond greenspace because all of Lexington is intertwined. Their five pillars are: creating a dynamic city, protecting our farmlands, helping neighborhoods, cleaning up our streams, and community outreach.

If you are interested in more information on The Fayette Alliance, check out their website.