Eatocracy in Action! A Kentuckian is in running for People's Best New Pastry Chef! VOTE!

Dad and the lil' Kaintuck excited to cut into
a German Chocoloate Cake-inspired creation
by Stella Parks.
My wife and are in complete agreement. If we can escape the kids for an evening and either is suffering from a sweet tooth, our destination is Table 310. Their self-described "pasty chef" is from Lexington, but trained at New York's Culinary Institute. Everything she creates is simply incredible.

Allow me to ignore the fact that I haven't previously covered the historic building in which Table 310 is housed. And I'll ignore the delicious food - charcuterie and cheese plates - that make the restaurant Lexington more cosmopolitan.

The "pastry girl" is Stella Parks, aka @Bravetart, and her simple creations capture my generation's youth but with high-quality ingredients and an amazing attention to detail. Her creations have been featured in Food+Wine magazine. She's received numerous local and regional accolades, but here is one that you can help this Kentucky girl win:

Help Stella win and VOTE! It is a vote for all of Kentucky as she's all alone among pastry chefs in that she hails from the best state in the Union. Cast in the east region of voting (there's also a west and a central), Stella is up against a bunch of New York City types. In her region, she's the only candidate from this side of the Appalachians.

UPDATE (2-15-12): Stella didn't win People's Best New Pastry Chef. Instead, the editors of Food and Wine magazine named our favorite Kentuckian pastry chef one of five Best New Pastry Chefs in America. But kind of like Hollywood, there are multiple awards. It's the equivalent of saying that she lost the People's Choice Awards, but won the Academy Awards. CONGRATULATIONS, STELLA!