kernel: Two Central Kentucky Historic Districts Now on National Register

On December 19, 2011, the Department of the Interior recognized and approved the nominations of two central Kentucky historic districts to the National Register of Historic Places. The first is in Harrodsburg (Mercer County); the second is in Springfield (Washington County).

Harrodsburg Post Office
(Photo from NRHP Application File)
In Harrodsburg, the North Main Street Historic District includes addresses at 105-414 N. Main St., 109 W. Lexington, 101 W. Broadway, and 163 E. Broadway. With twenty-three contributing buildings , the district encompasses a number of architectural styles with a period of incluence stretching from 1823 until 1949. The district is mixed-use and features commercial, residential, and civic structures. In this historic district, the development of Kentucky's oldest non-native settlement is readily visible. (NRHP# 11000796)

West Main Street, Springfield
(Photo from NRHP Application File)

One hundred sixty-five contributing features will make up Springfield's Main Street Historic District, an 83-acre area bounded by Commercial Ave. to College St. and McCord, High Sts. to E. Depot St. This nomination is actually an expansion of the historic district originally approved in 1989. The Washington County Courthouse, completed in 1816, marks the beginning of the districts period of significance, though the city's development can be bifurcated by the year 1888 during which year the Louisville & Nashville arrived. The county also had an extensive toll road network making Springfield a magnet for commercial and civic activity in the county. Pictured above are buildings which house or once housed shops, banks, masonic lodges and the opera house). (NRHP# 11000803)