kernel: Goodnight, Gatewood (1947-2012)

Throw Your Hat in the Ring at Gatewood's Public Memorial
At the Carnegie Center tonight, I had the opportunity to remember Gatewood Galbraith with those who loved him the most. My personal encounters with Gatewood were limited, but I know how much he meant to everyone he touched. His smile and love for life were infectious. And he truly did live his life to the fullest. As one of Gatewood's daughters said, recalling her boyfriend's description of the late legend: "He drove his body like a thief drives a used car."

Tributes by Mayor Gray and Ben Chandler reminded us Gatewood's political side. Ben Chandler pointed out that they both entered politics in the same year: 1991. Chandler ran for Auditor while Gatewood sought the Governor's Mansion. When Gatewood wanted to publicly advocate the legalization of marijuana, he consulted with Chandler's grandfather who told the then-young Gatewood that it sounded like "a good idea, but you've gotta tax the hell out of it."

A musical tribute by Rodney Hatfield left many emotional with his beautiful performance of My Old Kentucky Home on the harmonica.

But these words of Gatewood's, spoken less than a week before his passing, ring truest:
Another great day in all our lives. Call up someone you love, or would like to, and let them know it! Make a resolution to lift someone's spirit each day and follow through with it. It doesn't take much, a smile, a kind word (words are magic and can create reality) and a desire to be loved yourself because that it what will happen to you when you give your smile. Try it and see. God Bless You All!

 Below is a slideshow of all of my photos from this evening's memorial, which lasts until 8 p.m. (or later...)
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