Columbia's Kaintuckeean Special: Chicken and Waffles, a Southern Delicacy

Chicken and Waffles @ Columbia's - Lexington, Ky.
Columbia's Menu Board, Jan. 30, 2012
(Photo: @managerflo)
The North Limestone Columbia's Steakhouse recently featured on its menu the Kaintuckeean Special. This storied Lexington establishment that already features some of the most traditional of Kentucky and southern fare will add to its menu (for a day, or longer likely depending on success!) the classic dish chicken and waffles. But why the hell is this the Kaintuckeean Special??

When I visited Columbia's a few trips ago, I had the lil' Kaintuckeean with me. Now three years old, he had his heart set on some chicken tenders. He ate them up, save one. The next morning, I obliged myself to his leftovers. He wanted a waffle and I thought: why not go for it! I immediately determined that Columbia's fried chicken tenders perfectly paired with a good waffle and sweet maple syrup. I tweeted @managerflo immediately.

So head down to Columbia's tomorrow and try the chicken and waffles. You won't be disappointed!

And wikipedia dishes up some varying theories of how chicken and waffles came to be. Be sure to check out my first post on Columbia's, its history and its original special: The Nighthawk.

It was really cool to walk in and see my name and persona - The Kaintuckeean - on signage and receipts. Sales were good and I'm thinking it may be on the menu a little more often!!

This post was updated on February 1, 2012 to change verb tense and to add updated photographs!