kernel: Shryock Family Legendary in Kentucky Architecture

Historic Marker - Lexington, Ky.
Historic Marker #945 - Lexington, Ky.
The historic marker on the campus of Transylvania University's campus describes the "Architects Shryock" as the "best known surname in Kentucky architecture." The historic marker, #945 reads:
Best known surname in Kentucky architecture is Shryock." Family home, erected by Matthias Shryock (1774-1833), here. Designed first Episcopal church in city, 1814, and Mary Todd Lincoln home on W. Main. Son, Cincinnatus, born here, 1816. First Presbyterian Church, built 1872, considered his best. Also designed many homes. Died, 1888. Both buried in Lexington. Over.

(Reverse) Another Shryock - Gideon, "father of Greek revival movement in Ky. architecture," was also Matthias' son. Fine example of his classic style is Old State House, Frankfort, Ky., 1829. He also designed Morrison Hall on the Transylvania campus here, 1830, Jefferson County Courthouse in Louisville, Arkansas State Capitol, Little Rock, 1830's. Born here, 1802; buried Louisville, 1880.
This incredible family forever left its mark on Lexington and the entire Commonwealth, leaving behind a legacy of beautiful structures that have endured the generations. Their skill also greatly contributed to Lexington receiving the moniker "Athens of the West."

I've profiled several examples of the Shryocks' work:
There are a number of other Shryock-designed structures I haven't yet profiled, including patriarch Matthias' Mary Todd Lincoln House in Lexington. Matthias, in total, had ten children before he succumbed to the 1833 cholera epidemic.