Are you a Kick Ass Kaintuckeean?

After they launched, I profiled Kentucky for Kentucky - mainly because their logo is awesome. (It says that we've been "A Kickass Commonwealth Since 1792." Well, it turns out the guys at KY4KY endeavor to promote Kentucky in more ways than their Facebook page.

It is a long shot, but the guys at KY4KY are trying to raise $3.5 million in pledges to create a 30 second spot that would air during the 2012 Super Bowl. I could write it, but they've put together a video to give you an idea of what's up:


Did you watch that? A great marketing idea from a couple of great Kaintuckeeans! 

Wouldn't it be awesome to see a commercial during the Super Bowl that promoted our awesome, er, kick-ass Commonwealth? So do your part! And hurry! They've only got about 3 weeks left until their self imposed deadline. And if you pledge but the group doesn't raise the requisite $3.5million, then you don't pay a dime! Win/Win!