NoD: The Old Bath County Jail (part deux)

Old Jail of Bath County, Owingsville, Ky.
Old Bath County Jail - Owingsville, Ky.
This is an update to a prior post dated April 11, 2011, on the Old Bath County Jail in which I could not confirm that the pictured structure was in fact the old Bath County Jail. In doing research on an upcoming post, I found information confirming that this beautiful structure was Bath County's jail.
From the National Register (Owingsville Commercial District and Courthouse Square):
The  late-19th-century Bath County Jail  (see photos  6,7  and  site 5)  reverberates, in a  sense,  the massing of  the  courthouse.  This  two-story,  hip-rolled building is also  of brick construction,  and  its  centered square tower has  a pyramidal roof  each side being broken by a pedimented dormer.  The boxed  cornices  of  the building and  tower are  supported by modillions.  Windows of  the  first  floor have pedimented hoodmolds while  those of  the  second are  flat.  To  the  south  is  a  one-story polygonal addition,  and  at  the  rear  is  a  two-story,  shed-roofed appendage.
Bath County's current jailer, Palmer "Jaybird" Crouch, has held the position since 1973. For the first two years, inmates were still held in this old jail (today, inmates are housed in the Montgomery County Jail). Crouch and his wife resided in the jailer's quarters attached to the old jail and Crouch's wife would prepare meals for the inmates until the state determined that the structure was unfit as a jail. [*]