NoD: Camp Nelson Bridge (v. 2.0)

Camp Nelson
Abandoned Camp Nelson Bridge - Jessamine/Garrard Counties, Ky.
Three bridges have crossed the Kentucky River at Camp Nelson and the pictured bridge was the second installation having replaced a double-barreled covered bridge that  had carried travelers since 1838. Today, this abandoned bridge has been replaced by the less-scenic bridge that has carried four lanes of  US-27 traffic since 1971.

This steel truss bridge features two Pennsylvania-style trusses which span 275 feet over the Kentucky River; with abutments and approaches, the length is extended to 543 feet. When the waters of the Kentucky River are lowest, the bridge rises 60 feet above them. Over 600,000 pounds of structural steel were used for construction, including the 15,000 rivets connecting the I-beams. [*] Bridges are impressive structures and version 2.0 of the Camp Nelson trilogy doesn't disappoint.

As with all things abandoned, it is a little eerie to walk onto the bridge -- completely alone. The rusting trusses and fauna growing through cracks and clumps of dirt give a certain "Life After People" aura. But the spectacular views from this bridge, and the perspective of the three different Camp Nelson bridges is in itself a walk through history.