kernel: Liquor for One's Own Comfort

I'm adding a new hashtag: kernels. Yes, occasionally I want to share a picture, a story, an epithet or an anecdote without the research and detail that comes with one of my NoDestination posts. So, I hope you enjoy these Kentucky kernels.

The Kentucky Court of Appeals (then Kentucky's high court) made this declaration in Commonwealth v. Campbell, 133 Ky. 50, 63 (Ky. 1909), a case rising from the quashing of a warrant issued against Campbell for bringing more than a quart of booze into Nicholasville:
World Equestrian GamesThe right to use liquor for one's own comfort, if the use is without direct injury to the public, is one of the citizen's natural and inalienable rights, guaranteed to him by the Constitution, and cannot be abridged as long as the absolute power of a majority is limited by our present Constitution.
hat tip: @williamhadamsii