NoD: Nor'eastern Kentucky

Northeastern Kentucky
Nor'eastern Kentucky
Greenup County is the most northeastern county in Kentucky as the Ohio River makes up its eastern and northern border. So in true No Destination spirit, I set out to go on Kentucky's most northeastern road. Turns out, that is Hardin Lane. Snow covered and a little icy (especially for my Honda Fit), the road was beautiful. It seemed completely isolated, its flat farmland match by the rolling hills of southern Ohio across the river.

Apparently, switch grass is grown on some of this farmland; while driving I heard on  the radio that additional studies were needed to determine if this native vegetation is as efficient as coal as an energy source.

The map to the left shows where this road is - right off Route 23. Old tractors, chicken coops and other farming sites dot this little offroad. Check out my other flickr pictures of this little jaunt.