NoD: World Peace Belll

World Peace Bell
World Peace Bell, Newport, Ky.
You'd think something called the World Peace Bell would be in New York, right? Near the U.N.? Perhaps in Europe - Switzerland would be a good spot. Nope and nope. [Well, OK. There are other peace bells, too.]

The World Peace Bell is located in Newport, Ky. Dedicated on 12-31-1999, it first rang when the 2000s began - it could be heard from a distance of 25 miles. The bell, a Verdin, was cast in France and sailed the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico to New Orleans before navigating the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers to reach its Kentucky home. The bell itself is 12 feet high, 12 feet in diameter and weighs 66,000 pounds! (With clapper and support, the total weight is nearly 90,000 lbs.) It rings at noon, daily.

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