NoD: Nicholasville Streetscape Project

Election 2010
Main Street, Nicholasville, Ky.
Lexingtonians can sympathize with what is currently going on with Nicholasville's Main Street. Lexington's months of burying utility lines, sidewalk adjustments have ended and moved south to Nicholasville. (Though Nicholasville's beautification project is not [at least partly] prompted by a settlement with the EPA.)

Nicholasville's improvements will come in three phases and will utimately include three new parks in the downtown area. Nicholasville Now has a lot of information about the project on their website. I'll post more when Phase I is complete, but until then watch out for traffic cones!


I don't believe that the South Limestone project was tied directly to the EPA settlement. It was a proposal of the College Town meetings and the replacement of the sewers were an added bonus.
PJWB said…
The chicken or the egg? I believe the sewer work done had to be done under the settlement, and the Town & Gown contingency certainly pushed for the surface improvements. And the WEG probably pushed everything along a little faster than it otherwise would have occurred...