Maker's Mark Cookies

Maker's Mark Cookies
Maker's Mark Cookies. Merry Christmas!
In our family, we don't change the Christmas cookie lineup often - perhaps once a generation. This year, our Christmas cookies have a new star this year: gingerbread. Not boring gingerbread cookies, mind you. At the World Equestrian Games, my wife picked up a cookie cutter at the Maker's Mark store shaped like a bottle of  Maker's. Her immediate thought were gingerbread cookies.

And are they great. Sure, gingerbread cookies are, well, not the most exciting cookie in the world. Find a recipe you like and go with it. But first, go buy the cookie cutter from Maker's online store or make the pilgrimage to Loretto. For the icing, we used:

2 cups powdered sugar
teaspoon Maker's 46
2 tablespoons milk
Red food coloring

Mix the powdered sugar, vanilla, and milk together. Once dry add small amounts of milk and stir until the icing is runny enough to drizzle lightly from a spoon. Now add the food coloring, remember to do this a drop at a time as a little bit can make a dramatic difference.

It takes a lot of food coloring and we'll continue to play with the recipe. (Please share suggestions!) Maybe work some Maker's into the dough batter as well. But the icing... my God was it good!

Oh, and Merry Christmas!