Cheapside Park, c. 1920-1921

Cheapside Park, circa 1920-1921.
With my office around the corner, Cheapside Park has been any easy target for posts. Its new Fifth Third Bank Pavilion is a great community asset, but we can roll back the clock and see what Cheapside looked like around 1920-1921.

Thanks again, Asa Chinn for all the great photographs you took in your day. And to the KY Digital Library for making them available! And to my paralegal, Leann, for emailing me this picture. The KDL identified the various businesses as follows:
Cheapside: Main to Short (West), 111 Monarch Loan Co., Burrough's Adding Machine Co., W.F. Johnson, 115 Cheapside Shoe Market, 117 George M. Ramsey Sign Co., 119 J.C. Berryman, 121 Republic Trust Company, 123 A.B. Jones, 125 Arcade Drug Store, 127 J.T. Slanton, Dr. E.D. O'Leary, Daniel O'Leary, Arthur Stewart, 129 King & Daniel, 131 H.G. Riddle, W. King & Son, J.C. DeLong


Leann said…
Wow, I can't believe you posted this, with that being said, old pictures really captivate me and lead me to wonder how different life must have been back then.