My New Kentucky Home (& Post 300)

At this appointed hour, my wife and I are closing on our new house. The coming days will be filled with painting and unpacking, organizing and settling in. What that means for? Probably not a lot of posts. (Hopefully, Nate can pick up some of the slack!) This is a really exciting time for us - and I know our little Kaintuckeean will enjoy finally having a back yard to call his own!

But revel in this: this is Post #300! On my flickr account, I've had my pictures viewed 12,644 times (most of these around July 4 and the World Equestrian Games). @kaintuckeean on Twitter, there have been 1,424 tweets and I've amassed 254 followers. And on Facebook, the Kaintuckeean group has 328 fans. We have 8 Google Friends (c'mon people!) and 70 active feeds according to feedburner. But you can follow/friend/flickr us any or all of the above ways - but what is most important is that you comment!!

I really love this state, its people and its history. I'm not a native, but I've been here long enough that I cannot imagine calling anywhere else home. I hope to explore even more of our great state and to figure out other ways to share these explorations with you. But nothing encourages me more than your comments (leave them here, on Facebook or on Flickr). I've also got some great friendships that I've developed through twitter. Well, thanks for taking an interest in the Kaintuckeean!