No Destination: Paris, Kentucky & the French

Kentucky's French Connection
Flag of the Fleur-de-Lis, Paris, Ky.
Several months ago, I debated with a family member Kentucky's French connections. They believed there were few, if any, connections. Then I began the list. The Governor's Mansion (Marie Antoinette's Petit Trianon). The Capitol (grand staircase modeled after that in the Paris Opera). Louisville (named after King Louis XVI). Versailles (no explanation necessary).

Our famed export, bourbon, is named after the House of Bourbon which was the noble line which ruled France for a couple centuries prior to losing their heads in the French Revolution. Also drawing this name is Bourbon County, of which Paris (again, no explanation necessary) is the county seat.

Flying in Paris is the flag bearing three fleur-de-lis which is the the modern French coat of arms.

Anyway, there is a strong Franco-Kentucky connection. And its strongest point is in Paris.


I supposedly never comment, but feel the need to comment on these French connections in Kentucky. Perhaps the most obvious French remnants in Kentucky are those related to the Marquis de LaFayette; examples include Fayette County and La Grange (which translates into "the farm" and was named for LaFayette's farm in France).
PJWB said…
Rarely do you post, but your point is well taken. Discussed with the post on La Grange, the "LaFayette Factor" is of great import!
Martha said…
Not to mention the non-historical french connections. France and Kentucky have a teacher exchange program and Kentucky does a fairly large amount of business with France and other francophone countries.