Newtown Pike Extension - VOTE!

The Kaintuckeean is for a moment cancelling its pledge to not discuss politics as we encourage readers to vote on the new name for Lexington's Newtown Pike Extension.

Yes, in its infinite wisdom the city of Lexington has elected to leave naming rights of roads up to the citizenry. Perhaps we can improve on silly names like the Pink Pigeon Parkway? I digress, there are currently five options: Equestrian Blvd (this name belongs at Hamburg, perhaps a new name for the aforementioned PPP?); Millennium Rd (a boring, nondescript selection hearkening Y2K all over again);  Oliver Lewis Way (a historic nod to an African American jockey who won the first Kentucky Derby); Mary Todd Lincoln Blvd (another historic shoutout to the former first lady); and Bolivar Street (the final extension will connect current Bolivar Street to Main Street).

Yes, we like the historic connections. But more importantly, Lexington is riddled with changing street names that causes confusion to visitors and residents alike. Examples:

  • Leestown Rd > W. Main > W. Vine > E. Vine > E. Main > Richmond
  • St. Ann > Fontaine > Euclid > Ave of Champions > Winslow
  • Nicholasville Rd > Limestone > Old Paris Pike > Paris Pike
  • Paris Pike > North Broadway > South Broadway > Harrodsburg
There are many, many more examples. So, Lexington. How about voting for Bolivar Street??  Sure, it isn't my first choice (I'd have preferred North Newtown Pike and South Newtown Pike divided by Main Street and a renamed Bolivar Street to be the final block of S. Newtown Pike, but this is not to be.). 

Vote for Bolivar Street to save residents and visitors alike another bit of confusion at what it to be a "grand" entrance to Lexington. You have until August 27, 2010 at 3:00 p.m. to vote at And if you don't live in Lexington, that's OK - you should still vote for Bolivar St!! You can thank me next time you come to town!


Martha said…
Agreed! I voted for Boliver simply because it sucks to give visitors directions and having to explain that they stay on the same street even though the name will continually change.
Leann said…
I voted for Bolivar Street. Let's keep it simple Lexington.
Anonymous said…
I agree, and thanks for letting me know where to vote!