Rockcastle County Courthouse - Mt. Vernon, Kentucky

Rockcastle County is an interesting place. It's one of two counties in Kentucky not named for a person (Okay Peter, what's the other county?), as it's named after the Rockcastle River, which is in turn named after the castle-like rock formations that surround it. One quarter of the county is in the Daniel Boone National Forest, and the drive through Rockcastle on the old Dixie Highway is pretty scenic. The most notable area of Rockcastle is probably Renfro Valley, a country music Mecca that I've really wanted to visit for a show, but have never found the time.
This courthouse seems relatively modern and pretty nondescript. I can't find much information about it - the Kentucky Encyclopedia mentions that the first log courthouse here burned in 1873. Can anyone help me fill in the blanks?


PJWB said…
What is Jessamine? (Named after the creek which is named after the flower (jasmine) which blooms there).

As for Rockcastle, the county's official website has a great history:
PJWB said…
Other reports of counties not named after people: Ohio and Laurel.

There are probably more. Bad information source. Bad.