No Destination: Silas Baptist Church

Silas Baptist Church
Silas Baptist Church, Cynthiana, Ky.
In 1798, land was given to the Cooper's Run Church by Charles Smith, Jr. Two years later, 20 congregants left Cooper's Run to form Silas Baptist Church. For fifty years, the church worshipped in a log structure. In 1850, the present brick structure was erected (with significant remodeling done in 1902). It is the oldest, continuously operating church in Harrison County.

The church is a member of the independent, Elkhorn Baptist Association. Marker 1596 reads:
Organized by 20 members of the Cooper's Run Church in 1800, with the help of Ambrose Dudley, George Eve and Augustine Eastin. They built at this site on land given, 1798, by Charles Smith, Sr. The log structure was replaced by a brick house of worship in 1850 and redecorated in 1902. It is the oldest church in the county continuing without interruption.
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