No Destination: Jacob Spears

Jacob Spears Marker, Bourbon Co., Ky.
My biggest mistake in driving with no destination was going down the road next to the above marker, not recognizing the "stone castle" and completely missing the Jacob Spears distillery. Fortunately, you can see someone else's pictures here. From historic marker 2295:
Named after Bourbon Co. because of quantity and quality of whiskey produced within its borders. Made from a fermented mash of at least 51% corn, with less wheat, rye, or barley, yeast and limestone water. Distilled at no more than 160 proof and aged in charred oak barrels. In 1964, Congress recognized bourbon as a distinctly American product. 
(Reverse) Stone Castle, 1 mile south, built 1790 by Thomas Metcalfe for Jacob Spears. A Pennsylvanian who settled in Paris, he was innovative farmer & one of first distillers of bourbon whiskey. Still standing on this farm are a springhouse and a storehouse for his bourbon whiskey. It is the most complete distiller’s complex still in existence today.
In fact, it was Jacob Spears who first used the term "Bourbon" to describe his whiskey. Now, I think I'm sufficiently inspired to go sip some Makers 46.