Blogging with Substance

The Kaintuckeean has been awarded the “Blogging with Substance” award. Thank you to SSW of La Fin des Haricots for bestowing this high honor on us! To accept this award, we must (1) thank the award presenter, (2) share our blogging philosophy in five words and (3) bestow the award on ten other blogs. Having already thanked SSW, we now move forward to our other tasks at hand.

As for a blogging philosophy, we obviously love Kentucky. So too did Daniel Boone. In fact, he once said: “Kentucke, which I esteemed a Second Paradise.” The more we explore our Commonwealth, the truer we believe this claim. And so, our blogging philosophy: Exploring Kentucky, Our Second Paradise.

Now, to recommend ten blogs. First, there are several great Kentucky blogs (I hope to learn of more in the future!). It is true evidence that Kentucky, to so many, is truly a "Second Paradise!"
  1. Unusual Kentucky is fantastic as the author finds the most bizarre Kentucky sites. His book, Weird Kentucky, is a must read!
  2. My Old Kentucky Backroads is another site exploring Kentucky's backroads and finds unique, historic sites. 
  3. LEXplore focuses on my friend's new discoveries in the Lexington area. A variety of history, business/restaurant and &c. It is a new site, but it has much promise! 
  4. Bluegrass Romance Project is one of my new favorite sites. The author loves life and lives it passionately here. In so doing, she finds the amazing, unique Kentucky.
  5. Genuine Kentucky is a beautiful site "celebrating the Bluegrass." That, they do!
  6. Broken Sidewalk is bizarre only because the author remains intimately involved with the details of Louisville while living in Brooklyn, NY. In May, he took a hiatus from writing and has returned to a limited extent and I'm hoping for more!
  7. The Bluegrass & Beyond is essential for Kentuckians. Written by Herald-Leader columnist Tom Eblen (a lover of Kentucky, of its history and its future), this site is a fantastic resource (and at times, inspiration).
  8. UrbanUp is a Cincinnati blog, but it doesn't ignore the happenings in Northern Kentucky. 
  9. The Lexington Streetsweeper is a little political, but it is striving for a better (and preserved) Lexington. 
  10. History Burgoo is the official blog of the Kentucky Historical Society. Not surprisingly, it is quite an interesting read!
Happy reading!


Anonymous said…
Yay! Those blogs all look great!
Cameron said…
Thanks for these links!! I'm checking them out!
PJWB said…
Absolutely! Enjoy!
Branden said…
Thanks for the shout out to Broken Sidewalk! Much appreciated and I'll try to write more very soon.