No Destination: Louisville Zoo

The Wife and our Lil Kaintuckeean viewing the Addax, Louisville Zoo.
Yep, we had a destination. I'd never before been to the State Zoo of Kentucky, the Louisville Zoo. Founded in 1969 (on land purchased by the City of Louisville and with funding by James Graham Brown of the Brown Hotel fame), it is a really nice zoo with 135 acres containing over 1,300 species. While there, however, I didn't see two of the new featured exhibits. The first is the much anticipated "Glacier Bay" that is under construction; the second is (more interesting to me) the historic Louisville Clock. (Also missed the baby gorilla.)

Despite the timing-related shortcomings, it was a lot of fun and is, unsurprisingly, a great family atmosphere.


Anonymous said…
Looks like fun!
PJWB said…
It was a fun day. Would love to go back when everything is open.

Also, note this is M's first appearance on the site. (G's second)