No Destination: Capitol Mural "Culture"

I've been excited since First Lady Jane Beshear announced that the murals were coming to the Capitol. Part of the Capitol's original design, plans were set aside after artist Frank Millet (a friend of then-Gov. August E. Willson) died on the maiden voyage of the Titanic. One hundred years later, the Capitol finally has its murals! This is the third of four posts about the murals.
"Culture" Mural, Capitol, Frankfort, Ky.

This mural represents Culture and the fruits of knowledge. In the foreground there are four persons: the male on the left holds a tome and symbolizes the jurist as well as the elements of faith, law and instruction; the genteel woman at center  instructs the young child who holds the Kentucky dulcimer; at right, the Muse of the Arts represents the traditions of music and dance. In the background, one can pick out Natural Bridge, the Old State Capitol, and other famed Kentucky structures.

The four murals cost $225,000 and were paid for by a donation from Mr. and Mrs. Forcht (of Forcht Bank). Apparently, two spots remain for donors to step forward for murals in two lunettes: one each above the entrances to the State Reception Room and the Governor's Office.

The other murals are Nature, Industry, and Civitas