Menifee County Courthouse - Frenchburg, Ky.

I really enjoyed Frenchburg. I'm not sure why, but it had a really pleasant small-town feel. It's in the middle of NOWHERE, and its quite a pretty drive. I was on my way to court, and was pretty excited when I saw this courthouse. It's unlike any other courthouse I've yet seen. According to The Kentucky Encyclopedia, it was built in 1928, and its entrance resembles a Gothic castle tower, topped by a colonial cupola. Its really striking.

As Peter mentioned in an earlier post, Menifee County is actually misspelled, which had to be pretty embarrassing back in the day. They were trying to name the county after Richard Menefee, a brilliant young politician who tragically died at the age of 32.


PJWB said…
I told you that you would love the Menifee County courthouse; did you pass by the old college. I think that was what made me really like Frenchburg!