walkLEX: Fifth Third Bank Pavilion

The Fifth Third Bank Pavilion at Cheapside Park
Saturday was a beautiful day to be at the Lexington Farmer's Market. My son and I also ventured down to Mayfest in Gratz Park. Of course, Farmer's Market is vastly different as it now has a formal home in the Fifth Third Bank Pavilion. I've tried to follow the erection of the glass and steel structure in Cheapside Park, but I realize now that I haven't posted on the final product.

While certainly not architecturally significant, it works and it provides a wonderful venue in central Lexington for events like the market and Thursday Night Live. Check out my older posts on the construction of the Pavilion:
  • from October 16 - the proposal
  • from January 26 - the Breckinridge statue is moved!
  • from February 6 - Breckinridge statue captured in film by Jamie Millard
  • from March 22 - the structure takes its form


Martha said…
I was there too! Too bad we didn't get to see you and Lil' Kaintuckeean.
Anonymous said…
Cool--can't wait to check it out.
PJWB said…
Martha - we'll have to coordinate one of these weeks as we're down there all the time!

SSW - absolutely! when do relocate to the big city?