McLean County Courthouse - Calhoun, Ky.

According to the Kentucky Almanac, this courthouse was built from 1904-08, and is in the Beaux-Arts style. Two other courthouses preceded it. Calhoun is an interesting little town, and was according to the Kentucky Almanac was once listed as "Calhoon" based upon a local spelling.
To me, the most interesting part of McLean County (outside of my wife's family farm), is the town of Livermore, which contains the bridge you see below

As noted by the historic marker at the south end of this bridge, the Livermore bridge is one of a kind. The bridge claims to be the only bridge in the world that crosses two rivers, begins in one county, crosses over another county and ends back in the same county again.
The bridge crosses both the Green and Rough River, and begins in McLean County, crosses over a section of Ohio County, and ends back in McLean County again.


PJWB said…
That bridge is super-awesome. I wish that I could get to the western part of the state!